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The EU has chosen its leaders – applause…someone?

21 november 2009 Ingen kommentar

The EU has chosen its leaders. And the first response you hear around the continent is, ”Van Romp… who?? Baroness what??”.

First of all it is not really the EU who has chosen, but rather 27 heads of state and government. After long weeks of horse trading and gossiping. With a direct election of the EU President, the choice would probably look different. Secondly, looking at the profile of the two, they will not be leading the EU, but rather chairing their respective Council meetings and discretely fostering consensus.

European citizens whotvå want the EU to speak with a strong voice, are not the winners of this. Nor are those, who want a visible EU on the world stage, an EU of soft power and common values that could balance other players of hard powers and less values.

But who is then the winner? El Pais proposes one answer: the winners are Sarkozy, Merkel and Brown. The big member states have chosen an EU President that will not interfere with their national agendas and not be of any threat to them. Time will show how the EU President and the High Representative are performing on world stage. But since I wasnt able to find one single positive comment in European media, they seem to have some convincing to do.

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